Because even the subconscious can be clingy

8 Apr

I know I’m on vacation mode when my dreams start to  involve acads (?!), or when the people in them are the people I miss from school.

The dream I had in my REM sleep early this morning was one such. In this dream, I was covering sumkinduva parade in UP with the not-shy (haha!) Irene. It was apparently for Broad Journ because I was taking notes and she was recording her VO and a couple of JCers appeared from out of nowhere to watch the parade (it wasn’t the lantern parade I promise) then Atebebe spread out her arms for a hug and yelled “Bebegurl!” then I ran up to her and we hugged and I told her about the radio script we had to write for our BJ finals and the Psych paper I needed to pass on the same day and I love that I can run to her for comfort even in my sleep.

I realize that this is my last summer in the purest, blithest, freest sense of the word. Next year my batch mates and I will be busy with internship, and the summer after that, there’s the “real” employment-seeking, tax-paying, post-grad world to face. Assuming that the world is still up and running by that time, of course, but I am not Mayan and I refuse to believe that all my efforts to carpe diem will be in vain.

Sometimes I wonder, as we are all wont to do, what everyone will be like n number of years from now. Will we be cosmopolitans, meeting up for coffee some afternoons and for daiquiris/margaritas/[drink of choice] some nights? Can we even afford — in monetary and energy terms — to treat ourselves to meet-ups and nights’ out every so often?  Will we want to leave the country at one point? Will we wake up one day and realize, much to our horror, that feelings don’t change, only people do?

I have high propensity to get emotional at the end of every school year. In high school, I would find myself tearing up at every last SCB-A assembly, every last club meeting, and every last “Goodbye and thank you, Miss/Mrs./Mr. [insert name of teacher]!”

I guess college has done little to curb that propensity.


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