Because I needed a break from school work (or so I’d like to believe)

10 Jul

Prof T (on the congestion of Philippine roads): Traffic is erratic in this earthly paradise.


Prof T: Nobody reads Playboy for the articles.


Prof T: Do you know ______? It’s a defunct publication. Most of the publications I used to work for are defunct. No, not really.


Prof F1: Anong mga bagay na inaadvertise ang bumubula?

Class: Sabon! Shampoo! Toothpaste!

Classmate: Q-tex!

Classmate: Kanin, pag sinasaing!

Classmate Another: Toothbrush, pag may toothpaste!


Prof F1: Paano natin pupuntahan ang bukas kung ‘di natin alam ang nakalipas?


Prof F1: Piracy. Is that an overt media creation?

Class: Yes!

Prof F1: Alam niyo ba ibig sabihin ng overt?

Class: No!


Prof F2: Pag tumitingin kayo sa langit, anong tinatanong niyo?

Me: Paano kung wala naman sa taas ang langit mo?

Seatmate: O_o


(Kwento ni Prof F2)

Minsan, may in-FGD akong mga bata. Tinanong ko: What is duck [in Filipino]?

Kid: Bibi!

Prof F2: Good. What is goose?

Kid: Kabibi!


Prof on another prof: Hay, she can be really ano sometimes.


Dept. rep to fellow council member: Ooh, I like your top!

Council member: Anong top? This is a dress!


2 Responses to “Because I needed a break from school work (or so I’d like to believe)”

  1. thatsmeian October 12, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    You got me chuckling with this post.

    • Angel Britanico October 14, 2011 at 2:15 am #

      Buddy! Gotta love quotable quotes, and how they break the monotony in every class 🙂

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