Twittiquette, for better or for worse

21 Nov

1) When a celebrity asks a how-to question, a handful of their eager followers from all over the world responds with a solution. When someone else in your timeline asks the same thing, 1 or 2 of their friends will reply, and those who didn’t are probably thinking, “Just Google it.”

2) If you must use a hashtag, at least add to the pool of discussion. “[insert subject here] is trending” may be a legitimate reaction, but please don’t degrade other people’s intellect by assuming that they haven’t figured that out for themselves.

3) So you’re part of the 10% (Note: Percentage estimate may change depending on the economic climate, the film’s release date, roster of stars, Rotten Tomato rating, etc.) of the population who gets to watch a certain movie ahead of everyone else. Now do everyone else a favor and shrug off that cooler/richer/better-at-finding-quality-torrents-than-thou vibe by engaging your fellow 10-percenters in lively film critique in private.

4) You can hint at your frustrations through obscure-but-targeted tweets for as long or as often as you like, but there’s nothing like resolving issues the grown-up way, IRL.

5) Ditto for retweets.

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