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Getting physical

19 Oct

Make-up activity for my Touch Rugby class. Anyone care to join me suffer exercise?


16 Oct

What is it with this high school and its graduates that make my heart go a-flutter? Nice trick, universe. Let’s see where your little game takes us.

16 Oct




Rubber key fobs


PI buys these for PS to soothe his need for keys and guns at the same time

PS never shot off another doorlock again

Maybe if I had these, I’d never lose my keys. Ever again. 

16 Oct


15 Oct

Preach it, Nye. Sure did enjoy those childhood afternoons with you. ❤

14 Oct

Bought a vial (oo kailangan talaga vial at hindi lang bote) of bubbles for P10 today. This one in particular reminded me of my favorite soda, Mountain Dew. Thus far, I’ve finished off a good 1/4 of its soapy goodness. 

I always keep a bottle or two near my study table for when the going gets asdfghjkkl;;. It’s like smoking minus the nicotine and, well, the smoke. Plus it’s easier to find — and lasts longer! — than bubble wrap.

13 Oct


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Next baking peg! Except with the Philippine flag, of course.

13 Oct

Happy thoughts about friends for keeps.

12 Oct

Emma and mah bufra. 

10 Oct

I stared death in the face the last time I tried to bake. Pero matapos lang ang linggong ito, i-rerekindle ko muli ang oven at passion ko.