3 Oct


Above is the current look of my college’s website. I am so glad I study in a place where we are honed to push for what’s right and fair. 

Together with the UP College of Mass Communication, we will not be silenced. 

Sign the petition here


I encountered a lot of people who are iffy on commenting about this issue because they are aware that they don’t know things about it. It’s understandable, yes, but with this certain issue, one should read up on it as soon as possible. Also, if you’re not that all up on reading, why not let someone you know who is knowledgeable about the Cybercrime Law talk to you about it? It won’t take a lot of time. Don’t let the whole “I don’t know things about it so I won’t comment on it” shit hinder you from being part of a collective action against something that will strip us off of our freedom. Even if you’re just one person, your effect will lead to big possibilities. 

Fellow Filipino citizens, let’s all be with this cause. 


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