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Manila Scoop: Rounding Up the Best 2013 Planners (Part I)

28 Dec

1. Design Your Life Photo Planner

Best for: The Girly-Girl Who Wants A Little Bit of Everything

Add color – splashes and splashes of it! – to your life this new year with the Design Your Life Photo Planner. This weekly tracker features a unique design each month, with eye-popping combinations of neon and metallic colors.

The creators of the DYL Planner have been at it since 2008, adapting not only the planner’s content but also its form. Its 2013 version comes with rounded edges, hidden wire-O binding to keep your pages nice and snug, and even a secret compartment for sticky notes and doodling.

Freebies: One black and one white bookmark that double as paper clips, stickers

Price: P530 each, P520 each for 2 pieces and P500 each for 3 pieces

How and where to buy: Course orders through the Design Your Life Planner Facebook page.


2. Eskwelahan

Best for: The student with an A+ sense of humor

Heading back to school this January? Add a skip to your step and a smile on your face everyday with the return of the handy EsKWELAhan planner. When the daily grind bogs you down, turn to each of the planner’s  bright, zany pages to remind you of the best things about being a student.

Who ever said learning ends in the classroom? Your daily Ka-(Es)Kwela is chock-full of trivia on the sciences, history, nutrition, economics and any other subject you can think of.

Keep an eye out for the jokes and pick-up lines to share with your classmates, blockmates and significant other, within school hours or otherwise.

Price: P350

How and where to buy: Course orders through a private message on the EsKWELAhan Planner 2013 Facebook page.


3. Clone Stamp

Best for: The animal lover

The sky’s the limit with Clone Stamp’s quirky 2013 offering. From the duo that brought you the 2011 Monthster Planner and the 2012 Lomo Planner comes a book of days that’s sure to keep your heart a-flutter.

The quirky owl cover opens to reveal an understated Aztec-themed design in shades of blue. Each spread includes vertical space for daily reminders, a monthly calendar and writing space for other notes. Keep your life priorities in check with each month’s panels for goals, expenses and things to do. The Clone Stamp 2013 planner also comes with a directory, a mini-pocket and a fuchsia feather bookmark.

Price: P410

How and where to buy: Course orders through the Clone Stamp Facebook page.


4. Writhink

Best for: The Palanca Aspirant (or Awardee)

Daily life makes for a dynamic, not-so-hidden spring of inspiration and information for the crafting of your literary oeuvres. Writhink – the planner for writers by writers – is perfect for all your precious lightbulb moments, or for bemoaning your fate in the absence thereof.

The no-frills, one-week-per-spread layout keeps your reminders and deadlines in check. Extra note pages are also at hand for your writing and doodling needs. Pages marking the turns of months are livened up with psychological trivia, puzzles and fragments of a story designed to be finished at the year’s end. Let the Writhink Planner be the liaison between you and The Muse as you write out the best story of 2013 – your own.

Price: P450, with a special mark-down to P420 if you buy 3 pieces

How and where to buy: Fill out the order form at the Writhink Planner 2013 Facebook page.


5. Planet Slate

Best for: The Renaissance Man/Woman, The Artist (starving, misunderstood or otherwise)

If the new year were a canvas, what would your masterpiece look like in 365 days? Riddle yourself this as well as other questions on life, art and everything else in between. Rid yourself of boredom and rev up your creative motor this 2013 with the Slate Planner, which comes in two designs: Classic Black and Limited Edition Teal.

Get your imagination on overdrive with Sloot Alert doodles, designs and games. Within this planner lies a library of works by local literary luminaries and a handy-dandy gallery of artworks by artists here and abroad. Keep your inner dilettante in c’est magnifique shape throughout the year with reviews of films, restaurants, books and activities. Map out your days in minimally designed weekly spreads that will have your paints, pens, pencils and what-have-you dancing across the pages in no time.

Price: P599 for Limited Edition, P499 for Classic

How and where to buy:  Fill out the order form here.




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Taming the Scrooge

25 Dec

We all have a little Scrooge inside.

Sometime, somewhere, we’ve all had our hearts broken at Christmastime. And no, I don’t just mean the romantic kind. December 25, after all, falls within the tail-end of the year — a period rife for reflection on regrets and its many merciless permutations.

Every year since I was eleven, I’d make the rounds in my mother’s office and ask for aginaldo (Christmas treats, usually in the form of money) from her colleagues and superiors. I remember my eyes growing round as saucers that first time, when I came home with four digits worth of Christmas money.

For this little girl who sold candy bars and biscuits at school to augment her allowance, the aginaldo rounds were a godsend cash cow.

By and by as I grew in height, my benefactors’ fists clenched tighter and tighter around their purses. I made the rounds as an eighteen-year-old, knowing full well that it would be my last. Most of the gifts I had received from Mama’s friends at that point were the same things they would give one another — make-up, little pouches, mirrors and the like.

My little Scrooge would have humbugged at the idea of this Christmas. This is my last Christmas as an undergrad student, supposedly also the last where I enjoy immunity from the compulsion to give gifts to godchildren and various other aginaldo-seekers (oh how the tables have will turned!).

But besides more responsibilities, the passing years have brought to me the kind of healthy ambivalence towards receiving gifts. I reach out to give little tokens of gratitude to those whose love, friendship, company and service have helped me grow in the past year(s).

As for the returns, I don’t think of them nearly as much as my entrepreneurial eleven-year-old self would have. What she would have considered the greatest Christmas heartbreak would be coming home empty-handed after an afternoon of pamamasko.

But I have come to realize that seeing people’s faces light up, or hearing how much they enjoyed or will enjoy what they’ve been given are gifts in themselves — one that no amount of red envelopes or bills can ever measure up against. And perhaps it would be the most awful Christmas heartbreak of all not to know the difference.


22 Dec

Mga plastik. In both human and non-human form.

Mga taong namamansin lang pag may ipagyayabang o pag may kailangan sila.

Mga truck driver at pasahero na nakaka-bastos kung makakatitig, maka-hiyaw at maka-“Hi, Miss!”

Mga tao na hinuhubaran ka sa tingin.

Mga driver sa likod ng sasakyan mo na karipas pa rin ang pag-overtake kahit kanina ka pa naka-left/right turn signal.

Korupsyon sa bureaukrasya, mapa-lokal, panlalawigan o pambansa.

Yung nagpa-xerox at bind ka ng isang buong libro, tapos pagkabasa mo, may isa o higit pang baliktad na page.

Mga bus o taxi o eni-eni driver na feeling Vin Diesel sa daan (pwera na lang siyempre kung may buntis o isusugod sa ospital na sakay).

Basang rim ng toilet seat.

Yung buong araw ka nag-crave ng isang uri ng pagkain, tapos nung ikaw na yung pangalawa mula sa cash register, narinig mong huling piraso na yung in-order ng nasa harap mo.

Mga group mate sa school o sa trabaho na madalang pa sa multo magparamdam.

All we want for Christmas

3 Dec

Spotted in the UP Journalism Club‘s Secret Santa wishlist:

  1. Mahalin nyo lang ako at wag nyo kong saktan 😥
  2. Contact Lens: either red (na vampire-ish ang dating at hindi adik)
  3. Film 100 readings
  4. End world hunger
  5. Mahinto na  yung gulo between Hamas and the Israelis
  6. Mahalal ang mga tamang tao sa gobyerno
  7. Marriage equality
  8. Love/what comes close
  9. School supplies na worth 200. Haha.  Or dumbells kasi ang laki ng braso ko. hehe
  10. Peace on earth. Love in all our hearts. But then, it’s a futile effort, like paghahanap ng jowa. (andaming sinabi)
  11. 2 MRT Stored Value Cards. Make me believe na di SVC ang laman ng gift ko (e.g. lagay mo sa garapon, etc.)
  12. 200-peso worth na peras o mangosteen. Pakilagay na lang sa basket. Bumili sa palangke. Humingi ng written receipt na may “Merry Christmas, ***!” note. Isama ang resibo sa gift.
  13. Mamahalin. Yung hindi nang-iiwan.
  14. A large bottle of sunblock SPF 70 or higher. Nagsiswimming kasi ako and I don’t wanna look like Malibu Ken in a barong in April!
  15. Swimming trunks (shorts type, HINDI yung Olympic men’s diving type)
  16. Swimming goggles. maraming mura dyan. hanap-hanap din. may below-400. utang na loob, walang Little Mermaid/Spongebob Squarepants na designs.
  17. Running shorts…pwede nang Quiapo/Divisoria/Baclaran. thankful na ako sa Greenhills. sasambahin kita pag galing ng Nike Factory Outlet
  18. Lovelife for JCers
  19. Freshness sa mga hindi na freshie
  20. Justice for the victims of (broken hearts) unsolved crimes

Salamat sa tradition of critical thought and action, lalo na kay anonymous “Mrs. Santa” wisher ng huling tatlong items. HAHA.

Note: All items listed are verbatim and were edited only for capitalization and/or anonymity.