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Reel life shifts

25 Jul

Watching a movie used to mean planning days in advance, buying popcorn and a large soda, showing up 15 minutes before the screening to watch trailers (or sneaking in 15 minutes late) and watching the whole thing again if you liked it enough. It meant keeping your ten-year-old chin up and feeling so bad-ass after sneaking into a — le gasp! — PG-13 movie.

Ten years ago, films came in orbs called VCDs/DVDs. I discovered the convenience of subtitles and memorable movie quotes started accumulating in my head. The pause button on the player remote became my bladder’s new best friend. The additions to my collection through the years and the constant need for rigorous alphabetizing ¬†ensured that the OC part of me would have a sufficient outlet.

Now, watching a movie means having my laptop plugged for x hours (and subsequently forgetting all about the charger), loading a torrent file on VLC, sliding on earphones and amping the volume to drown out Mother’s saxophone music CD playing in the same room. Then I pause so very often (deviation from expression intended), watch the movie’s trailer on youtube after seeing the opening credits, ¬†and check my e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc. The result? Three hours after opening the file, I’m only 43:24 minutes into the movie.


Gusto daw ni Mama magka-facebook account ngayong Pasko.

19 Dec

Eh kung yun na lang kaya i-regalo ko sa kanya? HAHA.