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The day in phrases

19 Apr

One day.

Three cities.

Five shopping centers.

Three mochi balls and organic (read: I-paid-too-much-for-something-that-tastes-like-oreo) cookies for lunch.

Window shopping for work.

Checking out products that cost an arm and a legwork, trying to look unfazed.

Reaffirming the truth upon which the relationship between girls and malls is founded: shopping = serious business.

Nostalgic stories of old Manila by the friendly company driver Manong Jose.

Leaving my bag in a native crafts store and coming back for it before any one noticed (yay for prints that blend in the background).

Realizing that revolving doors and a high-income clientele do not an exciting mall make.

Bringing home pasalubong for a change (Reese’s peanut butter cups, my favorite and mother’s too!).

Discovering a pastry stall that sells chocolate-coated cheesecake bars.

Waiting in traffic, thinking of nothing and of everything.