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Bloggin’ and Two Went Y Ah Lovin’

2 Jan

Got wind of the ongoing PostADay and PostAWeek challenge at WordPress. A worthwhile endeavor, methinks, but I’m sticking with PostAWeek ’cause blogging every single day might prove too cumbersome. I blog because I have a life, after all, not the other way around.

Cheers to a more meaningful and productive 2011, both in the real and cyber world! 🙂


1 Jan

Because somehow I can’t let the day end without a perfunctory, start-of-the-year entry.

Each year is special in its own way, and it would take more than a blog entry to remember everything and everyone that made each day of 2010 special.  I started this blog with the intention of documenting milestones and leaving records to look back on, something I didn’t get to do for most of last year. But there’s much to be said about what isn’t written, and much to be written about what isn’t said.

Specific New Year’s Resolutions never really worked for me. For two years now, it’s been my goal to learn to ride a bike. Nothing has become of it. But that doesn’t mean my 2009 and 2010 had gone kaput. The things and events and people that truly mattered were the ones that came almost by surprise — lingering as second thoughts or musings under the radar, only to be made more meaningful at a later time.

Life has a funny way of creeping up on us. We can plan all we want, but still find ourselves caught in a web of spontaneity. Because sometimes life gives you what you need even if it’s not at all what you wanted. In times like these, it’s the openness to embrace new experiences, and live and learn from them, that get us through.  So don’t let grand plans derail living. There is beauty in the mundane, and relevance beyond what we can see.  And more than any resolution, the choice to seize life and live for all it’s worth, day by day, year in and year out, sparks long after the fireworks have cleared.