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Journ this way

31 Jan

The ubiquitousness of personas like Boy Pick-up (and their characteristic, love-and/or landi-laced banat) have led some people to suggest that crafting pick-up lines is this generation’s counterpart to the balagtasan of yore.

I’m not out to discuss the academic merits of such an observation. But I’m inclined to believe that whatever activity forces us to think outside the box –and make associations where none were previously established — is healthy for the mushy pink organ between our ears.

As far as pick-up lines go, the more far-fetched generally elicit more positive reactions. For this to happen, however, one condition remains nonnegotiable: the tie-back has to be smooth, and the punchline has to be so deceptively simple, anyone could have thought of it.

Last night as I wondered what we’d be doing for today’s Newsroom Management class, my consciousness wandered from the left cerebral hemisphere to the right. And from my head sprang forth an idea for a pick-up line, which my fingers promptly translated into a facebook status.

But what started out as a facebook status evolved into a whole-day, journalism-related pick-up line spree in my head. Fair warning, though: There’s a reason this is posted past midnight, when the more innocent among us are presumed to be soundly asleep, and the less innocent are conversely preoccupied.

If you’re prudsqueamish about innuendo but would like to have your daily dose of G-rated, romantic-ish punchlines, well, there’s always 9gag Thought Catalog letterstocrushes.com. But if the needle in your spectrum of humor often skirts around the green zone, then be my guest.

‎”Headline ka ba?”


“Because you’re the first thing that catches my eye.”

“Eh ikaw, featurized lead ka ba?”


“Kasi you always leave me hanging.”

“Kung ganon, source ka ba?”

“Because I’m hard to get?”

“No. Because I like to keep you close.”

“Alam ko na. Advertorial ka.”


“Kasi ang hilig mo mambola.”

“Hindi, ah! Byline ka ba?”

“Kasi ayaw mo nang may ka-share sakin?”

“Hindi. Kasi gagawin ko ang lahat, maging akin ka lamang.”

“Pano ba yan, masthead ako.”

“Bakit? Kasi meron kang date?”

“Hindi. Because I like it on top.”

“Then if I were the EIC, you’d be the draft of tomorrow’s newspaper.”

“Because I’d be hot off the presses?”

“Close, but not quite.”

“Then why?”

“Because I can’t wait to put you to bed.”