Things I know but don’t always remember (hell week edition)

8 Oct

1. Productivity is always inversely proportional to the number of tabs currently open on any given window.

2. Thinking of resting your eyes for a wee while? Don’t even think of folding your arms and resting your head in front of the computer. Unless you want to wake up after five hours with aching neck and back muscles, groggy with lack of progress.

3. If you must work with iTunes in the background, at least pick out songs that won’t compel you to grab the nearest hairbrush/remote/your-makeshift-microphone-of-choice  and channel your inner Adele at daybreak.

4. Increased caffeine intake can make you more immune to the energizing effects and more susceptible to its undesirable ones.

5. Playing blink and seek with your word document cursor will do nothing to lessen the white space.

5. Just because you’ve minimized the problem, doesn’t mean you’ve solved it.

7. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and all networking sites still have fully functioning logout options.

8. NO, you don’t need to go to the restroom for the third time in half an hour.

9. And NO, you don’t need that second glass of water either.

10. CTRL isn’t just a button — it’s high time you exerted more of it IRL.

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