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13 Feb

MOA baywalk promenade at dusk

Thoughts on love from a favorite prof:

“If you have lived with your partner for years, you have not fought with lions and ogres, but with the most dangerous enemy: time. But someone who loves, has not killed time but has saved and preserved in eternity. When the battle is won, when the swift thoughts, like a staff officer hurrying back to headquarters, report that the victory is yours — then, in fact, you know nothing, you know not how to begin; for then, for the first time you are at the true beginning. That’s our attitude on Feb 14! We must persevere in eternity and not give in to the seduction of ‘novelty’. Love is not about novelty but eternity.”

– Gerry Lanuza


5 Feb

Written for Interlude: A Night of Strings and Verses, my org’s pre-Valentine-p-p-party-slash-send-off activity.


It’s strange how
That word can mean
Both longing
And foregoing.

But that first time
It was just a title,
Not a verb.
And only our eyes
Made contact.

Then our fingers met
And our thoughts flew fast –
Fueled by coffee
And the occassional reeb –
To a future far, far away.

I miss you.
I missed you.
I’m just not sure
In which sense
Of the word.

In the end,
You told me
I was always
The first to say
I was leaving.

In the end,
It was because
You were always
The last to say
You never would.